Alberto e Núria

Great things can come from passion

About us.

We are ALBERIA, Alberto and Nuria
In our fifties and almost by chance, we landed on the world of wine and were enraptured by it.

With no land of our own and starting from scratch, we currently join forces with some trusted producers who supply us with grapes grown with respect for nature and for the territory.

Our wish is to get a vineyard and we hope to be able to make it happen soon.

The Catarratto grapes come from Alcamo and the Grillo grapes from Marsala.
We make wine with hand-picked grapes, fermented by indigenous yeasts, which are found on the grapes themselves and in the cellar atmosphere.

We do not artificially modify the biochemical matrix of the grape.

The only thing we add to the grapes in winemaking is our work and knowledge, with which we try to interpret the vintage.
We want to make a sincere wine, without any kind of artifice.

No secrets.

We put our face into our work. Sincere, like our wine…

Núria Heras Isach

I'm the one who tastes the wines

Alberto Cirafici

I'm the winemaker


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