Our wines

To us, the names of the wines had to have a meaning that was close to us, they had to tell the story of our journey, our path to get here and to represent the land where they are produced.

We wanted to find names that also included all the friends who are helping us in this adventure and who are making it possible.

All this brings us to feelings and with them, to the parts of the body. The body is the projection of our image, it makes us feel and allows us to move and communicate. Our feelings change depending on whether our eyes are open or closed.

We use our arms to hug; with our eyes, we see, look and communicate; we hear with our ears, but to listen, we also need to be ready, we need the will.

And with our head... we think, we reason and we also carry objects.

A Occhi Chiusi



Il nome vuole esprimere il desiderio di rendere il territorio riconoscibile al gusto ed all’olfatto, a occhi chiusi.



It is intended to be in some way a tribute to all the friends who helped us realize this project. They held our hands.



It is the wine we produced, for the first time in 2020, in the guest room transformed into a cellar. We've always had it in mind.

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